After two busy weekends, today began my training for the Chicago marathon and the first “group” run with CARA. My first thought when hearing my alarm at 4:30am on a Saturday morning was “no.”  Getting out of bed at 5:15am, I decided to walk Oliver, have a cup of coffee, and ride Josephine (my clinky bike) to the slower paced run at Montrose Harbour  (6:30am). Well, what an adventure. I rode through quiet streets and already bustling trails to meet down by the water, passing water stations, a stray dog, a busy bait shop, all the while playing chicken with many a serious bicyclists.  I made it only to find a slightly more organized run for gay pride day. Hmmm. Looking at my phone its 6:36am. Surely, they are not so quick to leave straight away at 6:30am? Well, I could hustle down to North Beach to catch the 7am run or… well, as you might have guessed, Josephine and I continued on for  a beautiful morning ride by the water.  Where do I live again?!  I am looking forward to a day at the market and summerfest in my own neighborhood…and then my usual early evening run by the lake.  Easy, effortless…five miles, just me and my running shoes.

I’ll have to gear up for the group again mid-week.


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