Well, I registered to become apart of the DC launch of Back On My Feet.  Up front, I am not a morning person.

My roommate shared that her mom serves with the homeless in Philadelphia.  She also mentioned that she had registered with a running group in the District.  Did I want to do it with her?  Hmmmm….since I am “training” for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, I thought “well, maybe”.  I mean well in my running but I must admit I am a much better runner in times of personal crisis.  A major break-up.  Family stuff.  But since I’m single with no drama to speak of, I am not the most committed one on the treadmill.  Taking the dog for a walk seems to be my most consistent form of exercise.  And am loving every minute of it….although my jeans are a bit more “form fitting” which isn’t quite as comfortable.

So, in a quest to learn more, I am signed-up, registered, and attending an orientation on Tuesday.  Our first run is Monday, March 22nd.  oh, did I mention we are meeting at the homeless shelter in southeast DC at 5:45am.