cowArt, jeremy.

One of my favorite photographers, Jeremy Cowart, will be here in Chicago this December.  I already have a class that Wednesday evening so I won’t be able to make his (one that costs (and means) a wee bit more than the $200 fee … ;))  but will be envious of all those who have a chance to attend.

Incidentally, his organization, Help-Portrait, has an event coming up on December 10th that I am volunteering with…

Find out more (and the Chicago Community page) at

Pinching Pennies.

Find a penny, pick it up…

I’ve been thinking a lot about that phrase lately, as I recently found a penny on the sidewalk near my house.  I love to find “lucky” pennies.  I remember as a kid being delighted to stick a found penny in my shoe.  Feeling more assured throughout the day with its presence.  As a teacher, it made me laugh to find a penny while walking with my class and to offer it to the 4-year-old holding my hand.  The joy that lit up their face.

Now, as I have transitioned into graduate school, just starting a business, and am trying my hardest to stick to a “creative” life, I find my brain scrambling for safety nets…”in case it doesn’t work out.”  Without the guaranteed 2-week paychecks,  I find myself working and re-working my budget…where will I find those extra pennies?

I read this posting today.  Thankful for the unexpected gifts found in following your dreams.

Manna on the Stoop.

For more…visit Art House America.  Be sure to catch the welcome video by Charlie Peacock.

Prickly on the Outside.

The Hedgehog.

(After the movie...In the elevator.)

Theater Patron:  “Did you just see a movie?”

Me: “I did”

Theater Patron: “Was it The Hedgehog?”

Me: “Yes. It was better than I expected.”

Theater Patron:  “Charming movie.  A truth we don’t often get to see.”

Me: “Yes, I suppose so.”

My list of favorite movies of all time has now been updated.

tortilla soup.

I am on a quest to see the best “food” movies.  I started with Tortilla Soup (2001).  Review coming shortly but let’s just say half way through I needed to go make one of my favorite meals…eggs, spinach, onion, red peppers, black beans, & cheddar cheese in a tortilla.  Yummmmmmmmm….