First Slice. Bringing the community together over nutritious meals.

Buy a piece of pie. Have your picture taken. First Slice at Ravenswood ArtWalk 2012.

“It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life.” -Sigmund Freud, Civilization and its Discontents

The Power of Food  More than one in ten households in the US experience hunger or the risk of hunger.  Many of the most effected are children.  Studies show that an early childhood spent in hunger creates a higher risk of chronic illness and mental and behavioral problems – often leading to a self perpetuating cycle later in life.  (Taken from the First Slice website)

As I came out of Lilstreet Art Center during the Ravenswood ArtWalk this year, I stumbled upon a small demonstration by First Slice Pie Cafe.  First Slice is a Chicago-based organization, created nearly a decade ago by founder Mary Ellen Diaz, that serves nearly 4,000 meals per month to the city’s needy and homeless.

A professionally trained chef, Diaz has imitated the model learned from one of the first restaurants she worked in, where the first slice of pie was always given to a staff member, making it a symbol for the community.  She believes that no matter your walk of life, you deserve the first slice.  And what would Freud say about her approach?  Inspired by her time at a local soup kitchen, Diaz believes everyone has something wonderful in them and has the ability to make a change for the positive.  Efforts of this outreach are funded by a shareholders program, with donations not being the main focus but rather the food, as she believe in the ability of her staff and volunteers, rolling up their sleeves to cook for every dollar they need and earn.  First slice has 3 cafes in the Chicagoland area serving up warm plates of goodness and hope…visit one today, and eat it up!


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  1. Hi Julie,
    I see that you have laid out the structure for your observations and blog entries in Ripple 1-4. You will need to provide some basic information in your entries, i.e., What is First Slice? What in particular did you observe when you visited First Slice at the Ravenswood Art Walk? Which question (see assignment description in course syllabus) are you attempting to address through this entry, and how can you make use of course readings to interpret your field notes? How can you make use of more and different types of images to add layers of meaning to your entries?

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